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Bishop Darrell O. Williams

"My Testimony"

I was born in Chicago in 1969, in an area then known as East Chicago Heights. Upon my birth I was diagnosed with a muscular impairment known as cerebral palsy, in addition to other ailments. My parents, Elder Edmund Williams, Sr. and Pearl Williams, were saddened to learn from doctors that I had a 50/50 chance of survival. Doctors also said that even if lived, I would never talk or walk; that I would only exist in a vegetative state.

This diagnosis and prognosis was of no discouragement to my parents, as they had “crazy faith” to believe God for a miracle! At the age of three years old, they took me to a revival held by Elder Randolph Moore. Elder Moore laid hands on me and prayed for my healing, that I might walk and talk, defying the doctor’s claims. Elder Moore gave my mother a word of knowledge, instructing her to “put him down and he will stand he stands he will walk and he will talk!” My mother and father obeyed the man of God; however, my healing was not immediate.

Two months would pass and nothing changed, but my mother and father kept believing God and being obedient to the prophet to “put me down”. By that third month I began to stand...walk...and talk! By God’s healing virtue and strength, I have been operating physically and verbally every since!

I am a true testimony that God is a healer and deliverer!